Multiple Video Streams in QGroundControl

Hello everyone!

We are proud to introduce our alpha version of QGroundControl with support for multiple video streams. You can download the latest release of our software in our github release page and be sure to also check out our blog post for more info, both are linked below.

We also plan to make a full release as soon as we can. The major changes we plan on making to the current project before then are:

  • Adding support for more streaming types
  • Recording support
  • Merging into the main window instead of utilizing a separate video context
  • And improving QGroundControl’s internal video managing system to better work with ours

Your feedback is much appreciated, so be sure to check it out! :smiley:

EDIT: As of December of 2021 we have broken out of the alpha stage and released our official version of DWE QGroundControl. The guide is now available on our docs. The post for the official release is linked below.



I just downloaded your new software to test out the multible video stream function.
I have two original Low-Light HD USB Camera from BlueRobotics that I wanted to stream simultaneous.

Some questions before I start;

  • Should this camera from BlueRobotics be plug and play for stream nr two-four?
  • Is your exploreHD cam plug and play for the additional video streams?
  • If not, what should be done to get started with multiple streams?
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Hi there! @stihus
Welcome to the forums :smiley:

Multiple cameras can now be streamed at once using the ArduSub companion BETA software, with little additional configuration required. Also, the exploreHD is now plug and play with the companion software with no drivers necessary.

The installation instructions for the companion BETA software can be found here and more streams can be added according to their documentation.

Feel free to reply with any additional questions or concerns!

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I would like to add that there may be a limitation in many cameras can be streamed using the H264 camera from Blue Robotics due to bitrate limitations. Our camera offers 2 different firmware, one optimized for best quality and the other optimized for streaming. If you are streaming 3 cameras at once, some of the cameras may need to be running at the lower bandwidth version of our camera firmware. Luckily, this is easy to adjust on our site:

Hope this helps!

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I was wondering if there is an option to only show active cameras on the additional window?
I only plan to have one extra camera at the moment, but there is still 2 black screens.
A possibility to have the one extra camera full screen would be great for multiple screen setups.

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We will definitely look into adding that in the future!

Thanks for letting us know. Just out of curiosity, are you using the DriverUI to stream the video streams?

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Hi there,
Is there the possibility/plan to add support for multiple RTSP streams in your QGC fork? I took a look but it doesn’t seem possible at the moment?