StellarHD Optical Correction and white balance control

Hi Folks,

We really love the simplicity of the DWE ExploreHD cameras. We have 3 of them.

Just wondering about the upcoming StellarHD camera.

Could you elaborate on the lens type? Is it different to the exploreHD lens? Does it do more optical correction? Or the same amount?

Also, is it possible to adjust the white balance manually instead of automatically?
We find that the auto white balance is a little too dynamic, and makes our video keep going from too red to too green as we move around.
We’ve tried manually setting with the Explore HD, but it’s very difficult to get a Neutral white balance out of the water, the adjustment sliders in the control software are difficult to dial in for some reason.

I know white balance changes with distance (due to differential attenuation of different wavelengths), but for us we would rather set the white balance for stuff 1-2m away, and keep it fixed so our video isn’t constantly changing as we move the ROV.

Again, you guys make some great products!

Hi Kieron,

Thanks for your interest in our latest product! We can offer a wider variety of lens type with our new stellarHD camera. We have a version with a 100 degree vertical FOV in water and one that is 150 degree, matching the eHD. For optical correction, the 100 degree will provide less distortion.

We will emphasize the firmware to include more manual correction options with regards to exposure and white balance. We will also retune the True Color algorithm.

Do note that since the stellarHD line is designed towards computer vision rather than general vision streaming, built in H264 compression will not be available.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi Kieron,

Wanted to update on this! As the stellarHD comes closer to its release date, we have some news we can share regarding the optics option. We now have our own optics designed to correct for distortion, chromatic aberration, and blurry edges typically associated with underwater flat port lenses.

Here are more info on it!

Hope this helps!