Resizable Discovery stream or DWE QGC configurable panes

Hi DWE, please correct me if I’m wrong or if these features exist already, but this is a feature request for either Discovery or DWE QGC or both!

The problem: I’ve integrated a DWE eHD3.0 as our second camera on a BlueROV, but just one extra camera… I have the need to both stream and record the feed which both of your softwares do well. However, I use the second camera to navigate the ROV along with, if not more, than the forward camera. Currently Discovery stream screen is too small to see any discernable features in real time and the DWE fork of QGC has a mandatory 3 feed display which decreses the size of the one feed I’ve got piped into it.

The Request: I’m looking to get the ability to resize the stream screen in Discovery so I can use it as a real time display. OR I’d like the ability to configure DWE QGC to have just one extra stream so I can resize the window manually.

But why don’t you use OBS?: I did really appreciate the OBS tutorial before it disappeared from the docs, but the problem with OBS was the recording was pretty choppy. For us, the recording is the priority here.

Thanks for this consideration,

Just a quick note, if you haven’t seen already in the settings page, we added the ability to zoom in, for the interface. You can see the zoom-in and zoom-out buttons in the “Global Settings” card.

This is currently a placeholder as we continue to grow the adoption of our software and while we work on resizeable camera feeds (along with a number of other features). Our OBS and DWE QGC methods required a lot more support for our users to resolve OS/library/PATH/installation related issues, and thus are no longer officially supported as we focus our direction toward Discovery.

Thanks for that reply. I’ll take a look. Looking forward to the resizable feed and a number of other features!

We’re delighted to announce a major update to Discovery for Desktop (v24.2.14). Download Here!

This update brings the following changes:

  • Draggable Cards
  • Resizable Cards
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Quick Action Menu (Stream/Record/Delete)
  • Auto-Hide/Show stream details
  • User Interface Changes
  • Misc. Optimizations
  • Share your feedback in the Settings
  • Reduced Stream Latency
  • Improved Stream Reliability

Please let us know what you think of the update here.