Plans for ethernet camera?

Hi all- just wondering if there’s any plans to roll out an ethernet camera, or if anyone knows of any good waterproof/submersible cameras that talk over ethernet instead of USB. We’d like to use a few cameras in our application and can’t support them over USB so ethernet is a better fit.



We are interested in developing an IP camera in the future for ROV but the cost will be more than our current USB cameras and it won’t be as space efficient. I suggest seeing if you can upgrade your system to use a RPi or similar computer as the central hub. Maybe you could describe your ROV system with us and we can see what would be the best fit?


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This runs on same fathom board used in brov2… 4K/1080P ORPHEUS Mini Inspection Camera — Spot X Underwater Vision | Live streaming underwater video systems

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Thanks for sharing! Seems pretty cool!