Non ROV Use Trolling Camera for fishing

I’ve downloaded OBS onto my MacBook and it works great, it’s a newer expensive MacBook and I’d prefer to use something that doesn’t cost a lot. I bought a raspi 4 8gB memory and would like to use that to stream live video as we are fishing to whoever would like to watch, mainly the gallery tv and perhaps POV goggles. Sounds a little complicated to me and not sure if the raspi will support a hd quality video feed and be able to record and take snap shots along the way. I’m guessing I’ll have to buy an external ssd hard drive to store the video and photos. I’d also like to display the gps coordinates and time if possible. What’s the best computer setup that’s will provide high quality video and how do I get the gps data onto the screen?


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Are you streaming the cameras from the Pi to a separate computer on the gallery TV?

It is definitely possible to take videos and pictures on the Pi, we have done that before. However, watching the stream live from the Pi may have some difficulties.

What is the length of the cable you need from the gallery TV to the camera and what depth are you going to?

Right now I would like to figure out how to best stream the video so onto whatever device. I’d like the ability to start and stop recording, snap photos and OBS has that functionality. What’s the best or min gpu processing speed needed to stream and record the best quality the camera has to offer? I’ve a raspi 4 8gb is that sufficient to get best quality video to a display? I know I there’s a way to broadcast the video with Wi-Fi locally to other devices via IP address. Right now I would like to figure out the best video gpu slash computer to process and broadcast display to tv or ar headset.

A Raspberry Pi is not sufficient to get quality video to a display. If you are streaming on the Pi and not viewing, then it is perfect for that. You wont need a super powerful computer to view. I would say a standard laptop with an integrated graphics card will do.

Hope that helps!