Irregular flicker/jitter in video frames

Hey DWE Team,

I’m making use of the exploreHD 2.0 camera and testing the camera with web-based webcam testing tools ( and Webcam Test - Online, Free - VEED) and I’m seeing irregular flicker/jitter on the recorded images.

I have added a 10 foot extension to the USB cable that came with the camera and am making use of an M12 connector as a waterproof connector/penetrator for my application. I can share short video containing flicker and have attached a single frame showing an example of the irregular flicker behaviour in this ticket.

If you have any recommendations on troubleshooting this flicker, please advise.

Hi Colin,

Could you send us the specs of the computer you are viewing the stream from? Have you tried different apps like OBS? If it is a bandwidth limitation issue, you can setup H264 stream via OBS.

Let me know and send the sample footage.


Hi Joseph,

We’ve resolved this, it appeared to be a signal integrity issue with the cabling we were using.

That make sense!

For cables longer than 1 meter, we typically recommend shielded cables.

Glad everything worked out!