Help with streaming to python

Hi i set up dwe-os and have discovery installed but is there a way for me to be able to view the stream without discovery and use soemthing like opencv and python to view it?

You may look into potential gstreamer solutions using v4l2sink and loopback devices in linux! Other than that, computer vision is usually done directly on the co-processor, not via a UDP stream, due to compression and latency.

Do you have any guides on how to do it? The reason I am asking is because I am part of the MATE ROV competition and for our autonomous tasks we already have a system that utilizes python and opencv to view the stream and we’re hoping to I integrate it with that.

We do not provide software support for products we are not actively developing. You may look into gstreamer forums or opencv forums for your application, as it is not specific to DeepWater products.