exploreHD Introduction!

Hi everyone!

We at DeepWater Exploration are proud to introduce the exploreHD. This underwater HD USB camera will empower your ROV adventures due to its true color technology, sharpness, natural framerate(30fps), 400m depth rating, and fitting in the palm of your hand, among other practical features. Due to the nature of the camera SOC encoding the video, up to three cameras may be easily connected to a small computer, such as a Raspberry Pi, with negligible video quality loss. Using a revolutionary 4 layer PCB design, it produces images with low noise, giving it ability to see in the dark! It’s lens has a FOV of 150 degrees in water, making it wider than GoPros. The camera is also plug and play with Blue Robotics’ ArduSub Companion software and with the new Companion Beta, you can even stream multiple cameras at once!