ExploreHD - command line firmware update?


We have an Explore HD within a Lanai, physically and electrically installed late last year but only now aiming to put it to work.

Blue OS sees the camera but no video feed, DWE driver UI is showing “device is incompatible with dwe driver UI”

Am I correct to assume the camera needs to have its FW updated and that the only route is via your Windows updater, rather than command line into the Pi ?

So …

Ive now dismantled the ROV to get to the Pi and done the firmware update successfully, and reassembled.

But the explore HD driver config is seeing what I assume is the other onboard camera, and saying its not compatable - but Discovery is showing a stream, but from the existing and not the new ExploreHD.

So it looks like there is a fautly USB port on the Pi :face_exhaling:

The Explore HD is now correctly found by the driver app.

Hi Sean,

The camera that showed up on DWE OS in your first screenshot is probably the ELP camera from Blue Robotics. Seems like to have worked with the second camera!

With the firmware updater, we only have it for Windows at the moment but will be making it cross platform soon!

Thanks for your reply Joseph,

I’m still being frustrated by the setup.

Previously with both the ELP and your ExploreHD connected, Ground Control seemed to be intermittently displaying the output of both cameras, mixed with noise/nonsense (I have video to illustrate but don’t seem to be able to upload here ?)

With the ELP disconnected the ExploreHD is correctly and reliably shown within Discovery but GC simply shows “waiting for video”.

With the HD disconnected but the ELP reconnected GC is now also showing “waiting for video” - previously GC correctly displayed the ELP stream.

GC seems to be unable to pick which stream to display (previously alternating between both) and now seems unable to display any stream at all.

A few pointers would be very much appreciated.


Regarding your first setup, there may be 2 streams started on the same port. Check with Blue OS. We had customers with issue with Blue OS starting streams randomly and their solution was to end the streams. Also Blue OS uses Mavlink Camera Controller which our customers also had issues with so disabling streaming from Blue OS entirely seems like the best resolution.

You can only view one video either on Discovery or QC on the same port.

Once you disable video streaming all together in Blue OS, you should be able to change the stream easier in QC.

Hope this helps!

Thanks Joseph,

A little progress here, now have a stable stream from the HD within GC and from the ELP within Discovery.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll figure how to have the ELP stream within GC and the HD within Discovery.

Disabling all streaming within BlueOS seems like my next move as it seems like some form of first come first served process of grabbing available streams looks to be happening.

The aim is to have the ELP for piloting streamed within GC and the HD output streamed to a large screen, possibly using a number of cameras and screens.

I appreciate your help.

The ExploreHD is not reliably found/seen by the driver.

When it is found, and confirmed that both cameras are streaming on different ports streaming from both cameras - one within QGC and your Explorer is functional for a period of time, perhaps ten minutes.

Streaming for the Explore HD is not running within BlueOS, simply because the camera isn’t being found.

The camera works when attached to a Windows machine.

Ive run out of things to try, and have definitely run out of time and patience with the camera.

Do you have other things connected to the USB ports of the RPi besides the 2 cameras? There could be too much power required that the power supply can’t handle. Also make sure the data lines of the cable is twisted on the camera. (White and Yellow wires)

If you can include a picture with how you have it connected hardware wise, it would be useful too!

Let me know how it goes.