exploreHD 2.0 Update

Hello, we are proud to announce the update made to our exploreHD camera line!

The housing has been improved significantly! :slight_smile:

Instead of having 4 separate machined parts, it is now reduced to only 2! This improves the reliability of the product and reduces the overall footprint of the camera. Additionally, the new glass mounting design on the front reduces vignetting and other lens artifacts even when used above water compared to previous design. :slight_smile:

The mounting has also been improved in strength significantly! It can now survive a 120lb force directly on the camera without the hinge breaking. :astonished:


We are also now introducing new 2 firmware for the exploreHD/HDcam. These 2 firmware can be chosen depending on your application. The first firmware will remove all H264 compression for the sharpest image while the other one will use standard H264 compression at 10Mb/s bitrate, recommended if you plan on having more than 1 camera.

This firmware loader also works with exploreHD 1.0!

Learn more here:

Thanks and let us know if you have any questions :slight_smile: