Explore HD Heavy not showing video after Firmware update

I am trying to add an exploreHD Heavy camera to my BlueROV2. I plugged the camera into my usb slot on PC (2.0 and 3.0) and all appeared to be working fine.

But when I updated the firmware from your website (using these instructions: DWE Firmware Loader - DeepWater Exploration docs) the camera has stopped showing any picture but the PC still recognises it. The firmware loader said it was successful.


I have tried updating a few times and its still not working. I have also tried viewing the stream from the camera in your DWE Discovery program with no success.

Please can I have some guidance on how to fix this? Is the firmware on your website not the most up to date version?

Hi Nikko,

Currently, our firmware loader does not have the exploreHD Heavy, our team will have to get remote access to your PC to solve this issue. We will update the firmware loader app soon to include the exploreHD Heavy.