Explore HD Heavy not recognize in BlueOS

Hello, I faced a problem on my explorerHD Heavy which is the BlueOS does not recognize the camera. While I tried another USB camera and Web Camera, the BlueOS can recognize the both camera. Can you help me on this. I used BlueOS 1.2.0-Beta4


What cables are you using for the exploreHD Heavy? I saw that your order is using the Cobalt Connectors.

Here is the pin out for the cables:
SubConn MCBH8M
1: Black : Ground
2: White : NC
3: Red : +5V
4: Green : NC
5: Orange : NC
6: Blue : NC
7: White/black : DATA -
8: Red/black : DATA +

You need to make sure the cable you are using is Ethernet grade and has 7 and 8 twisted like Ethernet pairs. Also what is the length of your cable?