DWE OS on a Raspberry Pi5

Does the DWE OS install/run on a Raspberry Pi5?

The reason I’m asking is the RPi4B seems to be throttling when I enable 4 DWE cameras (1080P/30FPS). I have a new RPi5, but have not done anything with it yet, thinking this may help the issue.

Hi Ken,

You should be able to use 5 cameras without any throttling on the RPi 4. Can you do a network bandwidth test? Do you have any other cameras connected to the Raspberry Pi?


Thats good news,
But before I pull everything apart and rebuild with an RPI5, here is the drawing of what I have with a description of what’s going on. It does seem odd to me…

Hi Ken,

Before we go any further, I should make it clear we have not tested on the RPi 5 and cannot guarantee its support. I am saying that on the RPi 4, we have done extensive testing and it should work with 5 cameras no problem. So I am confused on why you are not able to get these results. I will take a look at your diagram and let you know anything I see.

Update: After taking a look at your diagram, I have a few suspicions.

  1. Power Draw: The cameras draw about 250 to 300mA each. With the multiplexer and the RPi USB board, you will need to make sure you support external power for more than 3 cameras. This can be done with the included JST power cables and support a steady of 5V supply with up to 1.5 Amps.

  2. Limitations of Intel NUC. Are the problems observed when only when all cameras are viewed on Discovery? Try to view just one camera at a time but have all 4 cameras streamed via DWE OS.

Let me know!

Well…Sorry to lead you down the garden path.
When I removed the module from the 3" BR aluminum enclosure and powered it all back on everything was fine. All 4 streams in Discovery at once. No latency, and the ping responses are good, 1-4ms.

It wasn’t something that took time to act, so heat wasn’t a thing. Maybe some USB data cables poorly twisted? Head scratcher!

Both the RPi and Mux are powered by a single BR 5v 5A supply module. It gets quite warm to the touch, so I may add a second and split the loads.

I’ll do this in the morning, and I’ll let you know how it goes!

Update on this issue:

I found a black neg USB wire broken at it’s JST connector that I had installed. I replaced the pin, and all is perfect now! Four clear feeds with no latency, and a normal ping response from the RPi.

Funny how the camera with the broken negative wire still worked. I’m thinking the camera drew its current through the data side. Causing the USB driver to struggle, pulling the whole sub-system to its knees???

Anyway, Thanks for your stellar support DWE!