DWE OS, consistent camera enumeration across reboots

Hello all.

I have a system that has multiple cameras. I need each to be enumerated consistently across system reboots.
Meaning, a camera plugged into USB bus x.y.z will always be enumerated as DWE_OS nickname Camera1.
The Linux OS may not enumerate all video assets in the same order, so x.y.z may be recognized before x.y.w on one reboot, and then reversed on the next.

But x.y.z must always be identified by DWE_OS as Camera1.

Is this possible?

Thanks for the help,


This is a planned feature for DWE OS 2.0 which is currently in alpha development. As of right now, DWE OS 1.0 will not be updated for this feature. You are more than welcome to try DWE OS 2.0, which has implemented this feature, although we are unable to provide support for it (as of right now) since it is still currently in development and not ready for customer use.