Can I update firmware using Linux or Mac?


I have an exploreHD camera shipped in August, 2021. I’m preparing to update the firmware and install the camera on the ROV. I see the instructions to update the firmware here:

Is there a way to update the camera firmware using Linux or Mac?


Hello! Unfortunately there is currently no official way to update the firmware on Linux or Mac. I would initially suggest obtaining access to a Windows PC, although I do understand that is not always possible. Alternatively you can try two things:

  • The wine compatibility layer for Linux (allows running some Windows apps on Linux) - - Which can usually be installed with something like sudo apt install wine – although I am not sure of your distribution specific command
  • The other option I can think of is using a Windows virtual machine by obtaining the official Windows ISO and trying to burn the firmware from that. I must note this does tend to be quite a hassle.

Hopefully this helps!

Thanks @Brandon – I briefly tried wine but ran into dll problems. I should be able to find access to a Windows machine soon enough.

I have a Windows machine, and I tried to update the firmware. I’m getting an error: “VID / PID” do not match.

Here is what I’m seeing in the Windows device manager:
Device USB\VID_0C45&PID_6366&MI_00\7&29167165&0&0000 requires further installation.

Any advice?

Has our support team gotten back to you on this? If not, contact us at We may have to schedule a time to remotely connect to the camera to resolve the issue.


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Hey, Joseph – I was able to get this updated using a different Windows machine. Works great! Thanks.

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