Very low fps when using OpenCV


I bought the stellarHD (1000-1500m) 60FPS Global Shutter Subsea ROV/AUV USB with a Fish eye lens, in monochrome. As I am doing some AprilTag detection with it, I am using OpenCV to code. Unfortunately, when using OpenCV, I get an fps of 1. Even when I try to set it manually to 30.
But when I simply open a video frame with cheese, the video frame is clear and fluid.

Does anybody knows what could explian this very low fps with OpenCV and know how to solve this ?

Hi Marie,

Could you check the video format type you are selecting with OpenCV? You may have accidently used YUY2 format which is a RAW output with no compression at low fps. Make sure OpenCV is using MJPEG.


You might be in RAW mode, try using this opencv QuickStart guide we’ve developed!